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Santa Max on a Mission

Santa Max LOVES Humanitarian Work and Missions

Parker Lee (Director of Admissions), Santa Max, and Dr. Oh-Moon Kwon (President of the Mongolian International University (2022)
In-situ team directors Muhsin Chang (left, professor in Biotech Department at MIU), and Zolzaya Danjuu (right, Zolo, pastor of a local church and owners of the property for the project). Other directors include Harold Maxwell (center, "Santa Max") and Curtis Jones (not pictured, SEPAC/Asia). We named the project "Rephidim" from Exodus 17.
Santa Max is a magnet for kids, even in a restaurant in Ulaanbaatar (2022)

Santa Max went on a mission trip to Mongolia August 27- September 12, 2022. This was a pilot trip to determine need, resources, participation from local church and university, and more.  It was a very successful mission with more phases to come in the next few years.  Read More Here

Why Missions?

It is who I am. As a result of my environment as a young boy, the example of denying oneself for others which was lived out by my parents, missions and humanitarian work is who I am today!  Read More Here

Recommitment at 12

“This child does NOT go back to school tomorrow, he has nothing in his locker or desk he needs, yesterday was his last day there! You must get him out of this environment NOW! Because if you don’t, he will in the near future, die in a Chinese jail!”  Read More Here

Missions Over the Years

Over the years God has opened doors for me in Hong Kong, Kenya, Indonesia, Ecuador, Belize, and the US. Read More Here

So, How Did I Become Santa?

My first comment to God was, “Really God? You want me to be a Santa? Aren’t there any more openings for a talking jack-ass? But if that’s what you want, I’ll do it.” Read More Here

Santa Max IS a Mission

Remember, if God can use a jackass to rebuke Balaam, he can use a Santa Claus persona to minister His word. God only needs a willing vessel.  Read More Here

'Santa on a Mission'

Until one travels to a region of need, and sees, feels, and experiences the sheer joy of helping those who exist under such impoverish circumstances, one can never know the joy I am speaking of. It is truly better to give than to receive! Read More Here

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Tardungno children enjoyed Santa Max visit, 2021 (used with permission)

Santa Max Experience Club Cost:

$100 – $10 (appt discount) = $90 net increase

Club Details:

  • A free Santa Max business card ornament.
  • A birthday card for your child this year with personalized message and signed by Santa Max
  • A short video of Santa Max talking to your child at a time of your choosing this year
  • 1 free Christmas ornament this year with your child’s or family’s picture ($15-$20 value)
  • $10 off your 2022 Santa Max visit is included in the club price!
  • Santa Max Club Membership can accommodate up to 2 children in your immediate family. You can add more siblings for $25 each.