Santa Max Experience

Experience the private magic of Santa!

The Santa Max Experience

Experience the Enchantment of Santa Max

What's New for 2023?

NEW Location: Heritage Conference Center

Heritage Conference Center (link opens location in Google Maps)
375 Starlight Dr.

Fort Mill, SC 29715
(only 3 miles from NarrowWay location last year)
Follow the signs when you arrive

Why did we move? More room, beautiful setting that feels like old-time Christmas town, more parking

What else is NEW?

* Increased time per visit from 5 to 7 minutes (We heard your feedback about more time with Santa!)

* Sale of popcorn, cookies, and hot chocolate on site

* Discount on pre-orders of custom photo ornaments ($15 each or 2/$20 pre-order [Benelux, Round, Snowflake]; $20-$25 each on site)

What Do I Need to Know?

Ever wonder what Santa Max does the rest of the year? 

Some families have visited Santa Max for 17 years! 

Santa Max Reviews

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Tardungno children enjoyed Santa Max visit, 2021 (used with permission)

Santa Max Experience Club Cost:

$100 – $10 (appt discount) = $90 net increase

Club Details:

  • A free Santa Max business card ornament.
  • A birthday card for your child this year with personalized message and signed by Santa Max
  • A short video of Santa Max talking to your child at a time of your choosing this year
  • 1 free Christmas ornament this year with your child’s or family’s picture ($15-$20 value)
  • $10 off your 2022 Santa Max visit is included in the club price!
  • Santa Max Club Membership can accommodate up to 2 children in your immediate family. You can add more siblings for $25 each.