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So, How Did I Become Santa?

Santa Max and Mrs. Claus; Did you know that Mrs. Claus makes all of Santa's clothes?
Santa Max asked God, "Aren't there any openings for a talking Jackass? Not a Santa, NO!" Well, if that's what you want God, I'll be a Santa."

Due to my extensive biblical/theological background, I knew of the Pagan influence around Christmas. It was something I did not teach our daughter to observe. I was aware of the scripture that describes the cutting down of a tree and bringing it into the house, decorating it and how it was associated with unrighteousness. I knew of the scripture where Jesus said not to remember him after the flesh, but at the last supper He instructed us to do “this (communion) often in remembrance.”  I would never have thought in my wildest imagination, that one day I would actually be a Santa. 

While in Kansas City, renting some camera gear from Kodak, a gentleman asked me would I like to be one of their Santas at a mall. I had a white natural beard and he thought I’d make a good Santa. Not to offend and say what I really thought at the time, I just candidly remarked, “I’ll pray about it.” My wife understood that my real answer would be more like “When Hell Freezes Over!” 

Months went by and I forgot about it until the phone rang one morning, and it was a gentleman from Kodak asking if they could send me the contract. Caught off guard, I started to say I absolutely was not interested, when that little voice reminded me that I had said I’d pray about it and I hadn’t. I replied, “let me check my schedule and see if it is clear, can you call me tomorrow?”  I hung up the phone and immediately prayed something like this… God this is really stupid, I already know the answer, I even hate to waste this time in prayer for something so ridiculous, but if you want me to be a Santa, and I KNOW you don’t, but if you somehow do, tell me today so I’ll know without doubt. Otherwise, when he calls tomorrow, I will say no! Sorry for even bothering you with this dumb prayer. I put it out of my mind as I felt I already knew the answer—until my wife got home.

Marge came home and called out to me to come inside. I came in and she began telling me a story of what she had happen to her at a Christian ladies meeting. A lady asked her what Max was up to and she had replied that he had just that morning gotten a phone call requesting him to be a Santa, and before she could say, “but I know my husband…” and finish the sentence the woman interrupted and exclaimed, “Oh he would make a great Santa! Let me tell you what happened to me!” 

 The short version is that this woman was an atheist, who had been in a terrible auto accident a few years earlier and as a result had severe amnesia. She was introduced to her husband and children and had to learn their family history via stories and photos. 

A few months later, she took her youngest daughter to see Santa, and when Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas the little girl responded “I want mommy to know who I am, she doesn’t remember me.” This of course raised red flags to Santa, who called mom over for an explanation. After telling Santa her story, Santa asked if he could pray for her. She laughed and said “sure if that makes you feel better, knock yourself out, but I’m an atheist!” Santa responded, “that’s ok, God believes in YOU!” and he prayed that the little girls request would be answered so that “this family might come to know your love.” 

The very next morning when this mom awoke, her memory was totally restored. She got up, dressed and went straight to see Santa and ask him about this God he served and believed in. On the set, right then and there, she accepted Christ as savior and today the entire family are serving the Lord.I had my answer… I was to be a Santa. My first comment to God was, “Really God? You want me to be a Santa? Aren’t there any more openings for a talking jack-ass? But if that’s what you want, I’ll do it.”

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Tardungno children enjoyed Santa Max visit, 2021 (used with permission)

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